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The world is full of pain and despair.

People need love and hope that brings meaning to their life.

God calls us to reach out in love and tell them the best news they will ever hear.


In a world where people are wounded and broken, we bring Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness for all. Jesus does not change – he is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. He can be trusted. He cares for each one of us – freely  offering his gift of life to all who place their trust in him. At St Nicholas, we know and love God – so we go into the community to share that love.

And praying to God is where we start.

If you need prayer – just ask.


We want people to get to know Jesus, to discover their own part in God’s plan.

Jesus said: ‘I have come so you can have real and eternal life – more and better life than you could ever dream of ‘.

This is the wonderful, unbreakable promise for his followers.

This can be the promise for you.

So, join us in our journey of faith: discover a life full of meaning and joy.

Come and see.